Jean Walters has been at the forefront in the movement for personal transformation, clarity, and truth for over 30 years.  Through her writings, consulting, coaching, and Akashic Readings, her message and purpose are as inspiring as the peace and positivity that imbue her.   Jean’s intention and commitment to deepest truth have brought her to share her wisdom and guidance to tens of thousands of clients and students.

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Past Articles

Therapist Interprets What Dreams Tell the Dreamer
St. Louis Post Dispatch - Monday, October 13, 2003
By Theresa Tighe

Personal Growth Consultant Advices Business Professionals
St. Louis Small Business Monthly - January 2004
By Robin R. Mueller

Former Syndicated Radio Host Writes A Book - Making Dream Interpretation A Skill Anyone Can Master
The Healthy Planet

In Conversation With:  Jean Walters-Lucy
STLtoday - January 2, 2002
By Dorian Falco, Associate Editor

Past Columns

Yes You Can, St. Louis Suburban Journals, Fax Daily

Game of Life, weekly inspirational column appearing in the St. Louis Globe Democrat Newspaper

Mind Matters, monthly column appearing in St. Louis Home Magazine

Recovery Magazine

Spirit Seeker

Florida Woman

The Theosophical Society

Abundance Magazine

Thesholds Magazine

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